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Great for Glue On Shoes

We like this fast set glue the best! It sets up quickly for a horse that tends to not want to be still. Shoes have also stayed on 6-7 weeks with proper prep.

- Valerie Brown

This stuff is excellent.

i have been using Artimud for years. As long as i use it often during the rainy/winter season, my horses hooves are thrush-free. smells nice and easy to use.

- Sharon Vadas

Handy to have on hand

The EasyTabs are a great way to get a custom fit with Versa Lights, or a therapeutic case with black Steward clogs.

- Deanna

Great product

I love Red Horse products! This shipped quickly enough and I have seen good results using this product with my gelding.

- Annika Ohran

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        Equine Digit Support System, Inc. is a U.S. based family owned company that specializes in providing the best hoof care products and information available today.

        The modern day horse faces many extreme performance and husbandry challenges that can require a fresh approach to their overall care. EDSS, Inc. prides itself on studying and understanding the needs of the equine foot and produces result's driven products and common sense information to help keep our equine friends sound.

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