"Natural Balance Hoof Care" Ultimate Pack - DIGITAL Download

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Product Overview - "Natural Balance Hoof Care" Ultimate Pack - DIGITAL Download (aka: E-Book)

This product is a combination of 3 different items ("Natural Balance Hoof Care" Education Set, "Natural Balance Hoof Trimming" DVD Set, "Natural Balance Shoeing" DVD Set).  When you purchase this item, you will be sent a link to download the .pdf (digital) version of the "Natural Balance Hoof Care" book and included in the book pages will be website links to the supplemental video material that you can view online.

"Natural Balance Hoof Care" Education Set

"Natural Balance Hoof Care" is more than just a book about hoof care. It is a comprehensive learning system that is developed to offer practical information for everyone from horse owners interested in the maintenance of their horse's feet, to seasoned farriers looking for useful information that will compliment their current hoof care knowledge. Because people learn and comprehend information in different ways, the "Natural Balance Hoof Care" book also comes with DVD's that include video segments that correspond to chapters in the book. There are also some topics that are better explained visually, so the videos cover those details in more depth than they are covered in the book. So you can see, the whole system maximizes the educational opportunity of both media types. And, when you combine this book with the "Natural Balance Hoof Trimming" and the "Natural Balance Shoeing" videos, it's like having Gene Ovnicek in your living room to answer questions and offer assistance for many of your hoof care needs.

Education Set Includes: Book & 4 DVD's (Book Not Sold Individually)

Chapter List:
1. The History of Natural Balance
2. Basic Anatomy & Biomechanics
3. Foal & Foot Development
4. Hoof Care Tools, Supplies & Techniques
5. Horse Handling & Horsemanship
6. Limb Conformation, Gait Faults & Locomotion
7. Hoof Conformation, Evaluation & Distortions
8. Natural Balance Hoof Trimming
9. Forging & Modifying Horseshoes
10. Natural Balance Shoeing
11. Lameness & Pathology
12. Business Development & Professionalism


"Natural Balance Hoof Trimming" DVD Set

For as long as horses have been involved in the lives of humans, be it work, play or as a companion, the proper maintenance of their feet has been an age-old practice. The care and maintenance of the horse’s foot is a primary concern for all that are responsible for the care of horses, whether barefoot or shod. This video will give you new insight and direction into the maintenance of the equine foot and the many factors that need to be considered when natural hoof trimming techniques are employed. It will also help you understand the needs of the equine hoof, as well as assist you in determining whether your horse can comfortably go without shoes in his domestic environment and perform at his expected level of use.

It has become apparent with the research done by Gene Ovnicek and other well-known clinicians that the feral horse offers a direction for domestic horse hoof care. Nutrition, environment, life-style, and climate combined are the components that are responsible for shaping what appears to be the optimal model for maintaining the health of the equine foot.

In this video, Gene Ovnicek will present information on trimming methods to help you maintain a healthy foot in domestic horses. Gene will discuss basic hoof anatomy and how it relates to the biomechanical needs of the hoof. He will discuss the importance of evaluating the environment and how it plays a role in trimming maintenance as well as in decision making when determining if individual horses can be successfully left barefoot. Gene will then demonstrate natural balance hoof trimming techniques, from how to evaluate the pre-trimmed hoof to actual trimming instructions, which will help balance the structures in the hoof for optimal function.

Whether you are a farrier looking to get first hand information on Natural Balance Hoof Care, or a concerned horse owner wanting to get a better understanding of the needs of their horse’s feet and how to assist in their maintenance, this video is a must. There is 3 hours of some of the most up-to-date and critical information regarding hoof care, plus detailed trimming instruction for everything from underrun heels to club feet to "normal" feet. This video is only available in DVD.


"Natural Balance Shoeing" DVD Set

This video is designed to give individuals interest in Natural Balance some comprehensive information regarding Natural Balance hoof preparation, application of Natural Balance® Shoes, Pads and Impression Material. We will also offer some instruction for horses with mismatched feet, underrun and contracted heels, as well as horses that are base narrow or pigeon toed. Our intentions are to give you some guidelines for recognizing hoof distortions and explain how they relate to performance and lameness issues, as well as discuss possible causes for hoof distortions & how to prevent them from a simple, common sense perspective.

Natural Balance Hoof Care draws on the work of many educators, & practitioners that have contributed to the evolution of conventional farriery, as most of it fits well with the recent science and common sense approach of Natural Balance. At the same time, some of the new information covered in this video talks about load sharing, the sole callus, the importance of dirt in the foot, and why it is important for the horse to land heel first. Part of this information was inspired by studies and observations of self-maintained feet of feral and domestic horses, with collaborating research and contributions by many equally concerned individuals. The many recent scientific and histological studies that have been done in the past 15 years help to further confirm and add to the ongoing efforts to uncover the mysteries of the foot. In light of the common sense approach to hoof care that Natural Balance offers, many horses have overcome hoof distortions and lameness issues to become the champions they were destined to be.

The NB Shoeing video is a 2 volume series with a total run time of over 170 minutes. Volume 1 includes a lecture and dialogue covering some updated information on anatomy and biomechanics of the foot. We then go into detailed hoof preparation and shoe placement for fairly normal feet, both front and hind applications. In Volume 2 we go into equal detail on how to deal with clubbed or mismatched feet, underrun & contracted heels, and pigeon toed feet.