How to Order

How to Order (Understanding Price Levels)

Most of our products are eligible for PRICE DISCOUNTS once a certain QUANTITY is reached.  When you are viewing a product that has different price levels, you will be asked to select the available price level before you can place an item in your shopping cart.  By selecting the appropriate price level, the correct price for your items will be displayed in the shopping cart. 

For Example: If you want to order 20 pairs of Aluminum Natural Balance Shoes (10 Pair of #00 & 10 Pair of #1), you first select the SIZE (#00) you wish to order, then you select the "15 Pair or More" Price Level from the drop down menu.  This will apply the discount to the List Price.  You then select the QUANTITY (10) you wish to purchase of that size, and click the Add button.  The shopping cart will reflect the 10 pair of #00 at the discount price.  You then do the same process for the #1 shoes.

At the top of the Description for aach Product that has multiple Price Levels, there is a brief overview of the Quantities Required and if sizes and styles can be mixed and matched to meet those requirements.  Also note that if for any reason an error is made when entering a Price Level, we will make the adjustment to the order prior to shipping and we will notify you of any such changes.  We will issue a refund for any amount that is subject to this adjustment.