"Natural Balance Hoof Care" Education Set

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Product Overview

"Natural Balance Hoof Care" is more than just a book about hoof care. It is a comprehensive learning system that is developed to offer practical information for everyone from horse owners interested in the maintenance of their horse's feet, to seasoned farriers looking for useful information that will compliment their current hoof care knowledge. Because people learn and comprehend information in different ways, the "Natural Balance Hoof Care" book also comes with DVD's that include video segments that correspond to chapters in the book. There are also some topics that are better explained visually, so the videos cover those details in more depth than they are covered in the book. So you can see, the whole system maximizes the educational opportunity of both media types. And, when you combine this book with the "Natural Balance Hoof Trimming" and the "Natural Balance Shoeing" videos, it's like having Gene Ovnicek in your living room to answer questions and offer assistance for many of your hoof care needs.


DIGITAL Download (E-Book) Version Available HERE

Education Set Includes: Book & 4 DVD's (Book Not Sold Individually)

Chapter List:

1. The History of Natural Balance

2. Basic Anatomy & Biomechanics

3. Foal & Foot Development

4. Hoof Care Tools, Supplies & Techniques

5. Horse Handling & Horsemanship

6. Limb Conformation, Gait Faults & Locomotion

7. Hoof Conformation, Evaluation & Distortions

8. Natural Balance Hoof Trimming

9. Forging & Modifying Horseshoes

10. Natural Balance Shoeing

11. Lameness & Pathology

12. Business Development & Professionalism