"Natural Balance Hoof Trimming" DVD Set

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*This video series is now available On Demand for $19.95 - NB Hoof Trimming Video On Demand

"Natural Balance Hoof Trimming" 2 Disk DVD Set

For as long as horses have been involved in the lives of humans, be it work, play or as a companion, the proper maintenance of their feet has been an age-old practice. The care and maintenance of the horse’s foot is a primary concern for all that are responsible for the care of horses, whether barefoot or shod. This video will give you new insight and direction into the maintenance of the equine foot and the many factors that need to be considered when natural hoof trimming techniques are employed. It will also help you understand the needs of the equine hoof, as well as assist you in determining whether your horse can comfortably go without shoes in his domestic environment and perform at his expected level of use.

It has become apparent with the research done by Gene Ovnicek and other well-known clinicians that the feral horse offers a direction for domestic horse hoof care. Nutrition, environment, life-style, and climate combined are the components that are responsible for shaping what appears to be the optimal model for maintaining the health of the equine foot.

In this video, Gene Ovnicek will present information on trimming methods to help you maintain a healthy foot in domestic horses. Gene will discuss basic hoof anatomy and how it relates to the biomechanical needs of the hoof. He will discuss the importance of evaluating the environment and how it plays a role in trimming maintenance as well as in decision making when determining if individual horses can be successfully left barefoot. Gene will then demonstrate natural balance hoof trimming techniques, from how to evaluate the pre-trimmed hoof to actual trimming instructions, which will help balance the structures in the hoof for optimal function.

Whether you are a farrier looking to get first hand information on Natural Balance Hoof Care, or a concerned horse owner wanting to get a better understanding of the needs of their horse’s feet and how to assist in their maintenance, this video is a must. There is 3 hours of some of the most up-to-date and critical information regarding hoof care, plus detailed trimming instruction for everything from underrun heels to club feet to "normal" feet. This video is only available in DVD


Purchase this DVD in COMBO PACK along with the "Natural Balance Shoeing" 2 Disk DVD Set