JH Forge Farrier Knife - Deep Belly: for Handling Horse Hooves

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Product Overview

JH Forge Custom Hoof Knives

• Designed to clean out the foot as well as exfoliate the sole with ease. 

• Constructed of hardened steel to hold a better edge.

• Hardwood ergonomic handle.


Knife Styles (6 Blade Styles Available)

Deep Belly - (Current Selection) - The Deep Belly knife has a generous curve to the blade. With most conventional hoof knives, the farrier is typically only able to use the last 1" of the blade, and in doing so they have to lay their wrist down in a less than optimal position. The Deep Belly knife is designed so that the wrist can be held in a more upright, ergonomic position. This also allow the elbow to be more alongside the body, rather than tucked inward.

Straight Blade - The Straight Blade knife is designed like a conventional dropped blade hoof knife, but has the added feature of the hoof pick on the back side.The Shorty knife has an offset blade similar to the Deep Belly, but a shorter blade.

Shorty - The Shorty knife has an offset blade similar to the Deep Belly, but a shorter blade.

Spud - The Spud knife has an exaggerated offset blade that allows you to keep your wrist very upright and still be able to use a majority of the blade on the foot.

Classic & Narrow Loop - Similar to the blade shape of the Deep Belly, the Loop can be used as both a left and right handed knife. It also works great for cleaning around the frog commissures and central sulcus.

 Abscess - The abscess knife has a fine, narrow blade that is sharpened on both sides for the last 1" of the blade. The special shape makes abscess seeking safer and easier.


Video on Sharpening


Selecting the Right Blade Type


Selecting the Right Handle