EDSS Therapy Horse Hoof Cuff Shoes

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Pricing & Purchasing Specifications: The default price shown above is for quantities of 1 - 2 Pair of shoes.  You may mix and match sizes of EDSS Cuff shoes to reach a combined total of 3 Pair or more to qualify for the discount price ($4.00/pair off).  If for any reason the wrong price level for the number of shoes you are ordering is chosen, we will notify you and adjust the price accordingly at the time of shipping.

Product Overview

The EDSS Cuff Shoe is a specially modified EDSS Shoe that has 3" x 1.25" aluminum cuffs welded on each side.  The Cuff Shoe works very well for instances where the horse is too painful to nail to or there is no quality wall to drive a nail.  Typical application would consist of laying down a think layer (1/8" or so) of hoof wall building material (like Vettec Superfast or Victory HoofLife) on the outside of the hoof wall, then screw the shoe to the outer hoof wall using special short screws.  In cases where the veterinarian needs access to the sole of the foot for treating something specific, the cuff shoe can be removed and re-attached with relative ease.  Another popular use for the cuff shoe is in cases of severe prolapsed soles where you need to regulate the position of the shoe over the sole when no wall height exists.  By screwing the shoe on from the side, you can regulate the sole clearance more easily.  These are just a few of the more popular uses of the EDSS Cuff Shoe, and although they are not used on a daily basis, they are extremely helpful when the need arises.

The EDSS Cuff shoe is fabricated using the patented* EDSS Shoe, which has a rolled-toe design to helps provide the horse with support and leverage reduction for the duration of the healing process. It is constructed of an aluminum alloy that is heat-treated, which yields a light weight & durable product. The shoe has holes drilled and tapped for easy attachment of EDSS parts. The hole at the toe is used for attaching the EDSS pad to the shoe and is tapped for the specific stainless steel bolt included in the system. The holes along the inside of the rim are used for precise attachment of the EDSS wedge rails. The ‘interchangeable parts’ design of the EDS System makes it easy for the farrier and more beneficial for the horse because adjustments can be made without removing the shoe. Available sizes: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4.

*These horseshoes have been patented by Gene Ovnicek in U.S. Patent No. 5,727,633.

The EDSS CUff shoe is also available using the Aluminum NB PLR Flat or Wedge Shoe in sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, & 4.  You can select these shoes as an option above.  *Note, these shoes do not come with holes drilled and tapped for attaching wedge rails by default.  If you want them drilled and tapped, please make a note of this to us when you order.