EDSS Steward Horse Hoof Clog

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Product Overview (Composite - BROWN - Original)

The Steward Clog is the ultimate Multi-Directional Leverage Reduction Shoe available today. In cooperation with the original designer of the wooden shoe, Dr. Mike Steward, EDSS has used this concept to develop a highly adjustable, user-friendly composite version. The Clog is most widely used for treating chronic laminitis and founder cases because it offers excellent stability & protection to the distal phalanx, while at the same time reduces the leverage forces on the affected laminae so the horse can stay comfortably mobile. However, the Clog is proving to be an equally useful tool for treating pathologies such as Ring Bone & Collateral Ligament Lesions due to the fact that the ground surface is easily modified to reduce strain on the DIP & PIP joints, as well as the connective tissue surrounding them. Vets & Farriers today are faced with many complicated lameness cases. The Steward Clog is one tool that offers Stability, Protection & Ease of Movement for the horse, which seems to be the best place to start when it comes to treating various pathologies.

The Clog is also available in a solid Urethane (BLACK) version that is harder and will last longer than the brown the clog.  Click HERE for details on that version.

Design Features

- This Composite (Brown) version is the original material that wears more easily, is very versatile and is easy to modify. 

- The foot surface is seated out beneath the peripheral distal border of PIII to help insure clearance for those patients that have rotated and the sole is close to coming in contact with the ground. In cases where P3 has prolapsed or penetrated the sole, hoof wall extensions and a large cushion support area are used with the Clog to insure protection for P3 and the prolapsed area of the sole.

- The Clog can be attached to the foot using a variety of methods. (eg. nailing, screwing and/or gluing.)

- The ground surface is smaller and tapers more aggressively on the anterior and posterior ends. There is less taper on the medial and lateral sides. The ground surface is smaller than the actual hoof size to help reduce the leverage and forces on the lamina and joints when in motion.

- Once attached, adjustments for leverage (anterior as well as medial & lateral) and mobility comfort are easy to make using a rasp and/or EDSS Wedge Rails. All adjustments for comfort can be made several times throughout the shoeing period.

- Placement of the Clog is very important, so application instructions and placement layout guidelines are included with the Clog.

- Standard Sizes in widths: 4.5", 5.0", 5.5", 6.0" - Smaller & Larger Sizes May Be Available by Special Orders (*Actual width may be as much as 1/8" smaller than listed size due to variability of shrinkage during the molding process.  If you require a width EXACTLY as the size stated and anything slightly smaller will not work, you may consider ordering the next size larger.)

- Clogs are priced and sold in PAIRS


Clog Instruction Video (50min) - [View this video in a 5-Part series by clicking HERE]