Composite Practice Hoof for Equine Hoofcare Training

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The Composite Practice Hoof (CPH) is a great teaching tool for many aspects of hoof care instruction, whether it be farrier school, home study, clinics, or demonstrations.  The CPH can be used for practicing hoof mapping, shoe fitting, nailing, clinching, gluing, casting and even some hand tool usage.  The composite material has a real-feel when applying shoes so you will get a comparable nailing experience to a live foot. For casting and glue applications, the CPH gives you the opportunity to perfect your technique before going to the horse.  With proper care and surface preparation, each hoof can be used several times for each application to help maximize the learning opportunities, making the CPH a invaluable tool for hoof care educators. ($3/foot price discount for 12-23 feet, and $6/foot price discount for 24 or more feet)


What can you practice/teach with the CPH?

  • Shoe Fitting (cold)
  • Nailing Shoes (steel, aluminum, plastic)
  • Clinching
  • Pulling Shoes
  • Gluing on shoes
  • Casting on shoes
  • Casting barefoot
  • Hoof Mapping & Structure Identification
  • Hand Tool Usage & Technique
    • *Hoof Knife
    • *Rasping


With proper care and surface preparation, you can use the CPH several times for each application.

  • Nailing on Shoes (3 - 5 times)
  • Gluing (If the surface is treated with a release agent, you can glue to it several times.  You can re-dress the surface multiple times as well to get a clean glue surface.)
  • Casting (If you do not use glue between the cast and the hoof, you can apply cast to the foot many times, especially if treated with a release agent.)
  • Knife or Rasp work (until the composite material is gone! - Like a hoof, you can't put it back once you take it.)


The optional CPH Bracket attaches to a common 1.5" hoof stand post and makes it convenient to move from working on the bottom of the foot to the top of the foot fast and easy. (*Sold Separately HERE