Sole Support Impression Material for Equine Feet - REGULAR

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Product Overview

The EDSS Impression Material (REGULAR) is a 2-part silicon based putty.  When 2 equal parts of the base and catalyst are blended together, the mixture will cure to a consistency similar to that of the frog. The blended Impression Material is then placed in the bottom of the foot with a shoe & pad nailed over the top of it, or an Impression Pad is taped over it to allow it to cure. A perfect mold is made when the horse stands on the Impression Pad and the material is distributed over the sole surface of the foot. In instances of laminitis or other cases where there is are extremely painful area of the sole that need to be isolated, the impression material can be trimmed away once it is cured but prior to applying the shoe and pad. EDSS Impression Material is the original sole support material developed specifically to transfer support evenly to the frog, bars and sole. The 2-part material is sold in quantities of Small (500ml), Medium (1000ml), Large (2000ml) & XLarge (4000ml) units. (A Unit is an equal portion of white and colored material - for example a Large (2000ml) unit is 1000ml of white + 1000ml of colored.)

Sizes & Types

- 3 Consistencies (Types) of Material: Soft (Blue), Regular (Pink), & Firm (Yellow)

- 4 Unit Sizes = Small (500ml), Medium (1000ml), Large (2000ml) & XLarge (4000ml) Units (A UNIT is an equal portion of white and colored material - for example a Small (500ml) Unit of REGULAR is 250ml of white + 250ml of pink)