EDSS Equine Foot Impression Plates

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Product Overview

The EDSS Impression Plates (Pads) are a very hard, flat, plastic pad used to hold the Impression Material in the sole of the foot while it sets up. The pads have a tapered edge so that one side or the other will properly fit any given foot being worked on. The impression pad is taped on the foot temporarily, and then is removed once the EDSS shoe and pad is ready to be secured to the foot. Although this step may appear to be unnecessary, it will help eliminate the chances of overfilling the foot with impression material that could lead to extra pressure and discomfort for the horse.  Impression Pads can be used many times as they do not typically wear out.  Available Sizes: Small [White] (Shoe Size 00-0 = 4.375"-4.625" wide), Medium [Orange] (Shoe Size 1-2 = 4.875"-5.125" wide) and Large [Black] (Shoe Size 3-4 = 5.375"-5.625" wide).


edss-foldout-covericon.jpg EDSS Treatment System - Information Flyer (.pdf - 1.4MB)


*This product has been patented by Gene Ovnicek in U.S. Patent No. 5,727,633.