Plastic Bridges for PolySteel Horseshoes

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Pricing & Purchasing Specifications: The default price shown above is for quantities of 1 - 4 Pair of bridges.  You may mix and match sizes of PolySteel Bridges to reach a combined total of 5 Pair or more to qualify for the discount price d($0.50/pr.).  If for any reason the wrong price level for the number of shoes you are ordering is selected, we will notify you and adjust the price accordingly at the time of shipping.

 Product Overview (Click Here for pdf Brochure)

The Patented Double Bridge is necessary when using the PolySteel Natural Balance shoes.  The Bridge is the component that both holds the heels of the shoes together to give the shoe is necessary regidity to provide proper support to the foot, as well as the mechanism used to adjust and fine tune the size of the shoe.

Bouble Bridge System

Patented Bridge System used for sizing adjustments and to provide the support and rigidity that is necessary for proper foot function.  Bridge Sizes Range from #1 - #6 and each size increases/decreases shoe WIDTH by 1/8" (0.125").  The "DEFAULT POSITION" is classified as the width of the shoe WITHOUT a BRIDGE installed, therefore, the bridge size listed in the Default Position does not require the shoe to be spread or closed for the bridge to fit.  SIZING EXAMPLE: If you want to increase the width of the shoe by 1/4" then you would spread the shoe and use a bridge that is 2 sizes larger than the Default Bridge.


Bridge Width

#1 = 3.00"

#2 = 3.125"

#3 = 3.25"

#4 = 3.375"

#5 = 3.50"

#6 = 3.625"




Watch a Short Video on PolySteel Shoe Application


*These horseshoes are protected under U.S. Patent No. 5,165,481