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HoneyHeel - Equine Minor Wound Cream - 100ml

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Honey Heel - 100ml Tube - Honey, Zinc Oxide and Aloe Vera based barrier, skin and minor wound cream

We originally made Honey Heel when we realized the amazing properties of the main ingredients Raw Honey and Zinc Oxide. Together they form an extremely rich cream with very effective barrier properties that not only protect the area but also support the natural healing process. With the addition of soothing Aloe Vera this makes it a very useful barrier and minor wound cream. It was first developed for a very ‘kicky’ young stallion who would need something that could be applied quickly and stay in place on an area on his hind pastern, we were amazed by how well it did the job! The stickiness allows outstanding skin contact by the active ingredients, where greasy creams can hold active ingredients away from the skin.

Customers have also used it on feet to improve frogs by disinfecting and ‘plumping’ them out, which led us to develop other, more comprehensive Honey based hoof products.

Unlike many lesser creams Honey Heel contains 40% BP quality Zinc Oxide as a primary natural healing support agent combined with the natural properties of raw Honey and Aloe Vera. As with all our products it is made without compromise, shortcuts or fillers. Honey Heel is 100% active ingredients.


More about the wonders of Honey:
The remarkable properties of honey have been documented for centuries - from hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt to writings in the Koran. So we have taken it and used it as the main ingredient in a Zinc Oxide based cream and it is certainly living up to its historical reputation!

See more on the properties of honey at: Waikato Honey Research Unit

and by searching online! Even we were surprised to find out some of this!


Honey Heel contains primarily:

  • Bio active honey - unpasteurized to retain important enzymes that aid the healing process. We use acacia honey for its excellent beneficial properties and slow crystallization, keeping Honey Heel the best consistency for longer.
  • Zinc Oxide (40%) - to fight bacteria and fungi and aid in the acceleration of  the tissue regeneration process. A remarkably gentle, effective tissue development and antibacterial agent.
  • Aloe Vera Juice - we add a little aloe vera to give even better skin support properties and slow the crystallization of the honey, helping Honey Heel keep its smooth consistency.

We don't add anything to 'bulk out' Honey Heel everything that is in the pot is there to help your horse - not our profit margins.

If you want to ask us a question not covered here, please e-mail the manufacturer at:



"I am very impressed with the Red Horse Products I’ve used so far - particularly the Honey Heel cream. I like the fact they are natural preparations which are easy to apply and not too messy"
Patrick Print FBHS, Chairman of the BHS

"We have had fantastic results with Honey Heel on horses with sensitivity to buttercups - which resolved after using it just twice. We are very impressed with these excellent products"
Lucinda Mcalpine, Grand Prix dressage rider and natural horse management pioneer.

"In the last 6 years I have used many different creams and sprays on a large yard. I have used Honey Heel on three horses recently and found it very effective and I would recommend it to anyone."
Samantha Rance EBW BHSIntSM, Oxon.

"Hi,  I don't normally leave feedback for any product but felt I had to write and say what a wonderful product Honey Heel is.  I have a Clydesdale who had very bad dry skin on the backs of his knees and having tried every product known to man was no closer to getting rid of it.  I tried Honey Heel and after using it the skin was normal with no sign of dryness or flaking.  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a 'hairy" horse."
Tanya Rodgers.

"I simply cannot get over how effective your products are! I was introduced to Artimud last winter by my equine podiatrist to assist with smelly feet. The Artimud helped a lot  and allowed healthy tissue to thrive. Based on how pleased I was, I recently bought some Honey Heel.  Again I am gobsmacked at how effective it is at helping close those little nicks and scrapes that they pick up in the fields."
Jo Hartland

"I just wanted to say thank you I have bought products from you for my horse and they have all been amazing especially Honey Heel which supported the natural healing of a big gash in my horses leg! I recommend your products to everyone I can. Thank you again"
Tracy Pope