EasyShoe 3D - FRONT - Horseshoes

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The EasyShoe 3D FRONT

The EasyShoe 3D is a composite glue-on horseshoe designed for track and arena sports. The EasyShoe 3D is integrated with frog support by 3D HoofCare and finger tabs for easy gluing. Simply stand the horse in the horseshoe and apply the tabs using Super Glue. No welding required. Available in both front and hind patterns, sizes 118F-134F and 110H-126H.  This is the FRONT PATTERN SHOE!

Sold in Pairs (*Discount of $2.00/pair when you purchase 5 pair or more!)

*Ideally, your horse's hoof measurements should fall on the lower end of the range of width measurements, and be no longer than the length measurement listed next to each shoe size. For example, a hoof that would fit well into the 114F would measure 108-112mm wide and less than 126mm long. If necessary, it is simple to trim down any extra width or length of the shoe to customize the fit for your horse. 


EasyShoe 3D - Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that's not answered here? Please contact us for more information.

Q How is the EasyShoe 3D sized?

A The EasyShoe 3D comes in sizes that correspond to the widest part of the horse's hoof. Each shoe is 4mm different in size. Measure a horse’s hoof at the widest point.

Q Are the shoes Front and Hind Pattern specific?

A Yes. The EasyShoe 3D comes in front and hind patterns. The front and hind patterns allow for a better fit without modification. Hind patterns can also be used on narrow front hooves.

Q How long can the EasyShoe 3D stay on?

A The EasyShoe 3D can stay on for a full trim cycle. (4-6+ weeks)

Q Can the EasyShoe 3D be reset? 

A Yes. It is typical to get 1-2 resets per pair. New 11 Finger Tabs can be welded on for a reset.

Q What kind of glue is used?

EasyShoe Quick Set Super Glue. 

Q What tools do I need to apply the EasyShoe 3D? 

A To apply the EasyShoe 3D, you will need EasyShoe Quick Set Super Glue and Plastic Wrap. Additional tools may be needed for hoof preparation including a rasp, hoof buffy, butane torch, etc.

Q Can studs be used on the EasyShoe 3D?

A Yes. EasyCare Quick Studs can be applied for added traction.

Q Can I adjust the breakover? 

A Yes. It's easy to rasp or gring away material for a custom breakover.