Glue-U SHUFIX Urethane Adhesive/Repair: Horseshoe Gluing - Fast Set - 250ml

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SHUFIX Urethane Adhesive/Repair - CLEAR - 30 Second Set (250ml)
Fast Setting Urethane material ideal for gluing shoes, or repairing/building hoof wall.
• Can be rasped and nailed into
• Economical Solution for a variety of adhesive and repair requirements
• 250ml Cartidges mean MORE Material for your Money than other similar products on the market ($0.12/ml vs. $0.17/ml of competitors)
• Glue-U Z11 Dispenser Gun or Standard Size Caulking Gun needed to dispense the material
• Set time 30 seconds, depending on weather conditions (temperature & humidity might have effect on the performance of this product).


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