DuraCornum Moisture Control System Horse Hoof Moisture Protection: 4 oz.

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DuraCornum Moisture Control System - 4 oz. (2-3 Month Supply Avg.)

DuraCornum Moisture Control System preserves the toughness and strength of the hoof when exposed to wet conditions to deliver protection against mushy, soft, spongy, wet, waterlogged hooves. This weatherproof breathable moisture intrusion barrier protects hooves from softening in wet/muddy conditions, foot soakings, aquatic treadmill therapy, and wet/dry cycles. DuraCornum shields against exterior water absorption while supporting proper internal moisture levels.

NOTE: *All DuraCornum is now sold with a controlled flow applicator brush (smaller head) rather than the brush cap shown in some pictures and videos.


4 Tiers of Complete Hoof Care - For All Environments 

External Moisture Absorption Shield (Wet Environments)

  • Hydrophobic barrier weatherproofs complete hoof
  • Shields against soft, spongy, wet, water logged hooves
  • Reduces micro-crack pathogen entry points
  • Sealing aid against abscesses, infection, thrush, seedy toe

Internal Moisture Balance (For Dry Environments)

  • Breathable
  • Supplements degraded periople, minimizing internal moisture loss
  • Fights flaky, cracked, dry, brittle hooves
  • Improves exfoliation

Horses Get Harder Hooves & tougher Soles

  • Encapsulates complete hoof
  • Increases hoof hardness & sole toughness
  • Minimizes cracking and chipping
  • Reduces sore/stingy soles

DuraCornum Gives Your Horse Cleaner Hooves

  • Repels mud, manure, urine, synthetic arena/track surfaces
  • Deters balling on sole/frog improving continual comfort
  • Self-cleaning properties reduce necessary picking
  • Show dressing shine



Why Use DuraCornum?


  • Superior Protection for the Hoof Wall, Sole, Bulb, Buttress & Frog
  • Breathable Weatherproof Barrier
  • Reduces Hoof Injury & Trauma
  • Helps Keep Hooves Sound All Year
  • Reduces Sore/Stingy Soles
  • Protects Against Mushy, Soft, Spongy, Wet, Waterlogged Hooves
  • Repels Water, Mud, Urine & Synthetic Racetrack/Arena Surfaces


  • Boosts Hoof’s Natural Defense System
  • Toughens Hooves & Soles
  • Controls Moisture Against Wet/Dry-Cycles & Aquatic Therapy
  • Supplements Degraded Periople, Minimizing Internal Moisture Loss
  • Fights Shelly, Cracked, Dry Brittle Hooves

Easy To Use

  • Use on Shod & Unshod Hooves
  • Replaces Multiple Conventional Topicals
  • Product Applies & Dries in Seconds
  • Use Just Once Per Week for Continual Maintenanc
  • Tested & Used by: Veterinarians, Farriers & Trainers!


*Also Available in 2 oz. Size (6-8 Week Supply Avg.)

View/Download Instruction Guide & Additional Information (Watch the Video Below for a Visual Guide)

View/Download FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 



“I have been very happy with the DuraCornum moisture system. We have used it on a variety of different feet and in my opinion the product has performed well in preserving these feet. Minnesota has a harsh environment which can challenge horses' feet but this is an excellent product to combat that.”
Tracy A. Turner, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS
Diplomate, American College Veterinary Surgeons Diplomate 
American College Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Fellow
American Academy of Thermology Anoka Equine Veterinary Services
Inducted into the International Equine Veterinarians Hall of Fame (2004)

"I have used this product on several of the thoroughbred mares at the Kentucky division of Coolmore Stud which is one of the largest and most elite breeding operations in the world.  Maintaining a tough durable foot on a broodmare during wet conditions is a challenge.  Excessive moisture will weaken the horn capsule breaking down the natural toughness that is required to maintain health and soundness of foot.  Painting the soles, frog and outer hoof wall with the DuraCornum then applying the sealer once a week has greatly helped maintain tough, resilient soles and walls even during the wet and muddy months of the year. This product is a tremendous aid in the maintaining of strong healthy feet.” 
R.F. “Ric” Redden, DVM, Farrier & Educator
Graduated Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine- distinguished honors in Equine Medicine & Surgery (1974) 
Inducted into the International Equine Veterinarians Hall of Fame (1988) 

“Last year, EquinSec developed a new 2 step chemistry for the Equine community… DuraCornum. I found that it has a unique ability to regulate & maintain proper internal hoof moisture levels. In wet climates, it restricts intrusion and in dry conditions it prevents natural moisture from exiting. This caused the hoof to become resilient in Dry conditions and hard in Wet climates. The improved condition of the test animals’ hooves was dramatic. Some conditions improved much quicker than the 6-week regimen. I will be running further studies on DuraCornum and EquinSec’s new chemistries which, to date, have not been available in the equine world.”
Michael T. Savoldi, Resident Farrier (Retired)
Instructor in Farrier Science and University Blacksmith at the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center
Farrier Science Instructor Animal & Veterinary Science California State Polytechnic University 
Director of Research at American Farrier’s Association Inc. 
Chair for the American Farriers Association Equine Research Committee (2000-2006) 
American Farriers Association Educator of the Year (2005) 
Committee member AAEP Vet/Farrier relations (2005-2006)
Chair of the Equine Research Committee

“Chris we had a filly go through a lifesaving surgery. The main concern after surgery was going to be founder. We aggressively applied DuraCornum 5 treatments in 5 days. We feel as a result of the products ability to control the moisture in her feet gave us the ability to ice her feet 2x a day without the feet becoming brittle or too soft from all the water. 3 months later the filly continues using DuraCornum 1x a week and her feet have not been a concern.   We also had a horse with glue ons.  After 1 month of DuraCornum we were able to use regular shoes saving us a fortune.  Thank you for introducing me to your product it has become part of our hoof care program.”
Matt Chew, Chew Racing Stables, Thoroughbred Trainer

"I have enjoyed working with this product and have had great success with the soles and hoof wall as a moisture sealant. I have a Warm Blood Garwood who is having great success with this product. I have also found it helpful with the exfoliation of the sole as far as helping to identify sole thickness for my trim.”
Alan Maraviglia, Farrier


Video Showing the Process from Box #4 of Application Guide


Quick Application Guide (Click Image to View/Print Full Size File)